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Friday, December 07, 2007

"Did you take the test yourself" - Blade Runner : The Final Cut

was going to eat this during Blade Runner : The Final Cut yesterday

of course we are not going to "review" Blade Runner now - only to say this film still among the top of my favourite movie list

[ no spoilers here ]

admission: $10
medium popcorn: $4.50 plus 50 cents for *real* butter
chance to see Blade Runner The Final Cut : priceless
the biggest pleasure of seeing Blade Runner on the screen again [ having seen this in rep in original and director's cut version when the *big deal* was the removal of Deckard's voiceover narration ] was actually seeing the film grain - Harrison Ford and Sean Young still look handsome and mysterious respectively - in the final cut [ not being the expert here ] certain scenes seemed to play longer - and some dialogue we do not remember - there was not an over the top addition of any CGI a la Star Wars IV - the biggest enhancement was in the sound - the Vangelis soundtrack even on the Regent theatre sound system [ which is surprisingly good ] was remarkably clear and clean - and we are not giving away any ending details

and as we left the theatre a stunningly handsome lady walked through the entrance

[ possible spoiler question below ]

going to have to check on my Director's Cut to see if Rachel asks Dekkard in that version

"Did you take the test yourself"