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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Day 4 - it's a good year of 06 TIFF so far

Sunday Sept 10, 2006
today's forecast : 18 C - it's a cool one in Toronto - and just about the first sign of jacket weather tonight.

We're on 4 hours sleep and a glass of milk now. This is not going to be an easy day travelwise - hopping all over the place with theatres.

So far no disasters in the movies [ the projectors have run - Penelope Cruz looks wonderful as always ] and the people in the line-ups have been 90 % friendly - a few people trying to edge in but the staff have cut them off.

It's off to A Good Year - and we may just have to cut out of there at a good point early in. Babel is the great big white elephant on the schedule today.

Really looking forward to: Paris Je T'aime !

Last Kiss looks like vintage Zach Braff, and D.O.A.P. is what it is.

We're out the door now - hopefully the TTC is running.

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