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Saturday, November 25, 2006

A brief introduction

Greetings and welcome to the musings on these pages.

As a brief introduction this part of the www is devoted to movies and occasional sidetracks. Welcome to the world of LKF2006 started as a way to give some insights into our daily life during the Toronto International Film Festival 2006. Over the 10 days and nights we were slated to see 50 films [ or an average of 5 per day ] and keep up with posting reviews each day. Those results can be seen by clicking on the link on the right hand column over there -----------------------------> at the edge of the page under LINKS. You can leave comments and post email if you wish.

While the festival is over we are keeping up with posting more musings on the movies that are being shown in Toronto. We will not be going to see every movie that opens but the ones that we find must-see, interesting or intriguing will be here.

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