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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

o my god - they announced TIFF07 today ! the b*st*rds !

[ all this is done while listening to the new album from Maps We Can Create ]

as you may know the TIFF makes its grand announcement today so we are going into overdrive already - looking at the list of movies and stars on their way. We have to reduce this down to our 50 first choices! The schedule itself is not out til next Tuesday the 28th. Now this is the part that really makes us wonder - why just 3 days to get all the choices submitted by August 31 at 1 p.m. [13h00]. But this of course is just part of the TIFF frenzy and fever that we face every year before we face the magic that is in front and on the screens.

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greg said...

you mentioned that it "really makes us wonder - why just 3 days to get all the choices submitted" -- I feel exactly the same way! -- that's why I put together as much info as I can at -- all of the films are sortable by TITLE, LANGUAGE, COUNTRY, PROGRAM and STAR-RATING -- and for each film, there are links to star-rated REVIEWS (and search engines to find more!)... DIRECTOR(S) and CAST members are also linked to their filmographies... 'hope that help with sorting out your picks! 8-)