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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

/* Why do we fall in love ? */ - Dopamine



from 2004

Dopamine starts with the actual director of the movie comes on screen first and tells a story about his memories of his father.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter is released in the brain during pleasure, a chemical produced in the brain when someone falls in love. With Dopamine , the movie, what you have is a quirky charming look at the notion of love between two people coming from two extremes – from one side is a geeky obsessive science type and on the other side is a San Francisco kindergarten teacher living in a private world of pain and loneliness. Working under the postulation that the attraction between the male and female of the species is solely chemical, Rand, a software worker with his team consorts developsa program that creates artificial life – a bird called Koy Koy that can intimate interaction with the user in front of the monitor.

When the program is tested with schoolchildren for the San Francisco school system he meets up with an attractive young teacher in the guise of Sarah McCaulley [ played by the adorable Wade Wells from Sliders ]

Sarah's obvious connection is with Winston, Rand's overly aggressive colleague from the animation software team and she does not spurn his advances until the moment they were to get into bed. This colours his reaction to her as a crazy psycho.

It is rather ironic that the lady looking for her own form of companionship in the world would become the recipient of a beta test for a friendship software program. As well, Rand, the lead designer of the program would let hard science get in the way of biology and chemistry. He overanalyses the way he sees coupling in the world and denying what is so obviously in front of him. Whether Rand and Sarah actually make that love connection seen in awkward steps on the screen gives the film a winning edge and made this a fan favourite at Sundance in 2003.

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