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Thursday, September 04, 2008

/* You mustn't forget */ - Plus Tard, Tu Comprendras - Opening Day of TIFF08 ! Jeanne Moreau is a gift


6 pm

The opening day of TIFF was warmly cheered by the audience as TIFF CEO Piers Handling took the stage to welcome all aboard.

And it was back to same as it ever was - night vision goggles, anti-piracy argh ! and some clever and some not go good promo clips for motoreel and the Cadillac People's Choice Awards.

Seeing legend Jeanne Moreau on the screen of Ryerson during TIFF is a gift indeed - and Piers Handling welcomed back Amos Gitai onstage to some introductory remarks for his newest presentation [albeit not his own idea] of Plus Tard, Tu Comprendras. Two years ago we saw his presented by Atom Egoyan before the showing of Free Zone which featured a trio of gifted actresses including Natalie Portman.

Toronto International Film Festival is a presentation ground of tough material - Day One devoted to holocaust and genocide and massacre - but presented in varied and intrestingly lyrical ways.

The compositions within Plus Tard, Tu Comprendras are gorgeous in the tight apartment situations and the acting so sharp and precise with Jeanne Moreau as the commanding mother in her latter years, presiding over her son who is brooding and trying to get to the bottom of a piece of family history that is tied in with the Second World War.

The son gets more wound up and depressed as he tries to pry the story out of his mother about the past which leads his understanding wife to sympathize, saying that the best he can do is "You cannot change the past, you cannot undo history. You mustn't forget."

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