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Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Hitcher - /* four words: I want to die */

Sophia Bush is on the verge of becoming the next Sarah Michelle Gellar of the teen horror movie genre.

After appearing in the game thriller Stay Alive and the teen slasher movie John Tucker Must Die [ as well as the BMX motocross The Grind she is the eye candy of The Hitcher.

Otherwise this remake of The Hitcher with Rutger Hauer from twenty years ago is a far cry from the original but should appeal to modern sensibilities. Those more attuned to the present generation Texas Chainsaw Massacre shock horror as opposed to the rawer originals can settle for the assets of Sophia Bush and the 442 style muscle cars on display.

Two college sweethearts Grace Andrews and Jim Halsey are on their way from Texas to Lake Havasu in New Mexico for spring break. She is more of a college bunny and he isn't in the brightest lightbulb either. By nightfall they are driving through the heavy rain when they nearly run into a shadowy figure standing in the middle of the deserted highway. The ensuing skid causing the car to stop and the stranger approaches their car. Of course as they try to get away from him the engine is flooded and the stranger is coming yet closer. It is this style of suspense that is the glue for The Hitcher.

A while later, the couple are refuelling themselves at the gas station up the highway, and the stranger has hitched a ride on a hauling truck who has let him off there.

Needless to say, the hitcher is offered a ride to the motel up the road by the Jim to make amends for not picking him up earlier. "Don't worry kid, if I was me I wouldn't pick me up either." This is the big mistake.

Grace is not totally cool with this but she has not much of a choice in the matter. While she is in the back listening to her iPod the two up front make small conversation as they get each other's names: the hitcher is John Ryder and the convesrsation soon turns to her, and it is not polite. Efforts to make him stop talking this way and boot him out the car have themselves at the business end of Ryder's knife. Only by having them say four words will make him stop: "I want to die."

John Ryder is a nasty man and a deadly marksman - The Hitcher is constantly filled with suspense and shocks. They are placed in several awkward situations due to John Ryderand only Grace and Jim's will to live is the only thing that helps them overcome their bickering with each other and their stupidity and dialogue. In this current age how else would the producers of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre have this movie end?

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