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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Primeval - from /* Africa is beautiful */ to /* I hate Africa ! */ - Jurassic Jaws in action

Due to this movie's release date we will endeavour to not reveal the nature of the killer or spoil actual scenes yet
With a market already primed by the likes of Blood Diamond, Casino Royale, Hotel Rwanda for Africacentric movies the new opener Primeval comes onto the scene. After watching Catch A Fire, the audience must be used to seeing African warlords and massive corruption, misuse of power and tribal warfare a la Darfur. The deceptive opening credits blaze the headlines of the past century a la the revived Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailing the carnage of the killer in Africa who is given the name Gustave.

In this movie "inspired by true events, with the obvious stentorian assets of Melrose Place's Brooke Langton as Aviva the nature reporter in her little white top and the dour Dominic Purcell [ John Doe, Blade: Trinity ] who is Tim Manfrey trying to live down his massive on-air reportage mistake - the two combined are bait to lure the audience in and keep the eyes riveted to their talents in their quest to capture of this serial killer ALIVE in Burundi and document the events that reminds one of Jurassic Park meets Jaws. Things go from the idlyllic African panorama to the brutal in a swift series of actions

With some funny moments and lines thrown in by Orlando Jones as Manfrey's capable friend and cameraman - as they try singing an African revival tune to the tribesmen they have hired to help them in their quest to catch the killer - and can they all ever run ! Something Purcell must be used to after months of Prison Break. By the end of it all you are just hoping that they just get Out of Africa in one piece.
Primeval is one evil evil movie.

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