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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just in from TIFF - Sunday night and back to the drawing board

Our Schedule (click here) from TIFF came in this weekend - and we were not entirely pleased. 27 out of 30 with 3 duplicate films, 2 time conflicts and 3 coupons to redeem.

Waltz with Bashir THU 9/4/08 09:00pm

Three Wise Men FRI 9/5/08 05:30pm

Wendy and Lucy FRI 9/5/08 07:45pm

Detroit Metal City SAT 9/6/08 12:00pm

Nick and Norah's Infinite... SAT 9/6/08 06:00pm

Katia's Sister SAT 9/6/08 08:45pm

Nick and Norah's Infinite... SUN 9/7/08 09:30am

The Burning Plain SUN 9/7/08 09:45am

La Fille de Monaco SUN 9/7/08 12:15pm

Wendy and Lucy SUN 9/7/08 12:45pm

Le Silence de Lorna SUN 9/7/08 06:00pm

Genova SUN 9/7/08 08:30pm

The Hurt Locker MON 9/8/08 06:00pm

Gigantic MON 9/8/08 09:45pm

Nuit de Chien TUE 9/9/08 06:15pm

The Brothers Bloom TUE 9/9/08 09:00pm

What Doesn't Kill You WED 9/10/08 06:30pm

Good WED 9/10/08 09:15pm

Uncertainty THU 9/11/08 06:30pm

Revanche THU 9/11/08 08:45pm

Control Alt Delete FRI 9/12/08 06:00pm

Deadgirl FRI 9/12/08 09:00pm

The Wrestler SAT 9/13/08 09:00am

Genova SAT 9/13/08 12:00pm

Martyrs SAT 9/13/08 04:00pm

Once Upon a Time in Rio SAT 9/13/08 07:00pm

The Other Man SAT 9/13/08 09:30pm

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